Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pets in the News--December 23, 2011

There have been a lot of pets in the news lately. Here's a round up.

US Weekly: Prince William and Kate Middleton getting a puppy for Christmas

ABCNews: Gingrich to Campaign with Pets and Music

USAToday: President Obama, dog Bo go Christmas shopping

The White House Christmas decorations include Bo. Here's a look at the making of some of the decorations from

Friday, December 2, 2011

Puppies help alleviate stress

From the Washington Post.
A recent article in the Washington Post noted how several universities are bringing in puppies during finals to help students alleviate stress.

A law student from George Mason noted the benefits,

“Especially this time of the year, law school seems to ruin your life,” said Allison Tisdale, 24, a third-year from Texas who didn’t go home for Thanksgiving because she had to study. Holding a squirming puppy, she said, “you get to be human again.”

Research continue to show the effectiveness of animals to help people deal with stress. 

Politicians deal with stress every day and it's important to understand that as public officials, they must be able to deal with their stress in order to do their job effectively. Some lawmakers, including Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown already understand the important role animals can have in their offices and often bring their animals to work

More lawmakers should consider bringing their pets to work for the benefit the staff and their own health. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Larry, the Downing Street cat

People have very different view of cats, but one thing that is indisputable is that cats have played an important role throughout history in keeping the population of mice, rats and other vermin under control. 

A recent article from the Financial Times noted the role cats' have played in British society and politics for for years. 

Larry, the Downing Street cat. From BBC.
"The British have always been a nation of animal-lovers. But I think cat stories are particularly comforting at a time of economic crisis."

British Prime Minister David Cameron has tried to show his fondness of cats with the adoption of the latest Downing Street cat, Larry, after a rat was recently spotted in the street. Britain's prime ministers have historically had cats with the exception of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose wife was not so fond of cats and forbid their cat Humphrey from living in the house. 

Larry has attracted quite a bit of media attention since his adoption which has been a positive deflection from much of the news coverage of deficits and political unrest around the world. 

"Ever since the adoption of Larry, the media has lapped up a steady stream of stories about his life and times. In June, it was reported that Larry had got on well with President Barack Obama. That same month, rumours surfaced of a girlfriend called Maisie, living in a hut in nearby St James’ Park. Then, this week, there were reports that a mouse had been spotted in a ministerial meeting in Downing Street. Questions were raised about Larry’s hunting prowess, leading the BBC to run yet another cat story, which reported with mock solemnity: 'Downing Street has rebuffed calls for Larry to resign as Number 10’s cat after reports a mouse appeared at a ministerial dinner.'"

Whatever the case may be, it's nice to see another shelter cat find a home and in turn, boost morale. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scott Brown's cat

I realize I'm a little late to the game (ok, it's almost a year late), but better late than never.

Here's a great story on the kitten Senator Scott Brown's office found and adopted. I think the senator and kitten pictures could rival his former modeling pictures.

Check out Senator Brown's Facebook page for more pictures of Lucky.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New voting referendum process explained--by cats

Europeans are voting today on several reform measures in the new AV voting system. The guys at Midnight Crow have created this great video explaining the process.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

California Governor's Dog Helps Raise State Money

Sutter Brown from
California Governor Jerry Brown has enlisted the help of his Corgi, Sutter to help close the state's deficit. Anyone remember how Fala helped raise money for the Britians?

The previous video was no longer working and has since been removed. Here's an updated link

Saturday, March 5, 2011

United States Marine Cat

Animal Planet's new show, Must Love Cats recently featured this great story of a Marine and her cat. 

Spoiler alert: the Marine and her kitty were able to stay together.